VIR A raceway where you can have a sleep over

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VIR A raceway where you can have a sleep over

Unread post by RacerTCI » Thu Sep 08, 2016 9:00 pm

The end of day one brings laps at Virginia International Raceway. We expect you there NO LATER than 5:30 PM for a mandatory drivers meeting. We will have two hours on the South Course. ... ap2014.jpg

FIRST we take NO responsibility for your ability to drive this circuit. If you total your car you are totally & completely on your own. This has happened here in the past and will happen again & again.

We want EVERYONE to have some wheel time. This will be fun but we need to insure that safety is primary in everyone's mind. We have hired VIR who will provide corner workers and a pace car.

We will do 2 sessions at 6 PM for any teams that would like to take 3 paced laps behind the local Track pro at highway speeds. Those that will not have a helmet, or do not want to run at speed, or are driving a car that shouldn't be at speed (we know you love your ride but you know who you are :) ) this is your time to get to drive on the track and have the "on track experience".

Those with CONVERTIBLES you will need to be part of this group. Track safety regulations do no allow for convertibles to be driven at speed.

At approximately 7:00 PM we will switch over to HOT LAPS - 4 lap sessions for those that want to get up to speed. Multiple cars on the track at one time for 3 hot 1 cool down laps.


There will be NO Passing! Cars will be gaped to allow for you to get up to speed however this is about having FUN. Please leave any attitudes in the pits prior to entering the speedway. All of us will have time behind a slower car and there will almost ALWAYS be a time when you are holding up faster car or driver so PLEASE keep that in mind.

You will have to SHARE the track with other teams. Please take no more than only 3 hot laps at a time as we all have street brakes and they will tend to cook at some point. You with loose normal braking ability. We suggest a cool down lap with your hazards on at a slower speed. Once you are off track you may switch drivers and repeat the process. Please allow a session to go between your hot lap sessions.

This is a challenging circuit and you will out there with cars and drivers that have driven many different tracks including this one and others that are track virgins (no shame in this). Please be aware of this at all times.

You will be required to have:

Driver & passenger has DOT / Snell 2010 approved helmet or newer that FITS snugly.

Driver has gloves with leather, or non slip palms

Driver has shoes or boots that completely cover the foot – no sandals.

Driver has comfortable and nonrestrictive clothing – No tank tops

TRACK INFO UPDATE: You may have a passenger but they must be a willing participant, they need to be belted, and have a helmet on during the laps.

Teams that want to run this track need to arrive no later than 5:30 PM. We will have pre-track time meeting with anyone who will be driving so that we ALL understand how to act.

We ask that you understand this a fun event please leave a safe gap between cars. Also if you loose it out there it will be video for all the world to see.

Spectators are welcome so teams not participating on may watch other rally teams take on this road course.

We are securing ALL the rooms at the track. The Tavern will stay open as long as people are buying drinks and tipping the help

Check in at the ON Track Lodge or Villas is between 3:00 PM and 4:00 PM so those that get there can early check in relax. We will barely have enough rooms for the entire groups and in order to make that work we will need a few teams to share Villas. There 10 Villas with are separate upstairs and downstairs suites. Total rooms here including the Villas works out to 65 Rooms. We will only take 70 teams this year so 5 teams will be on the outside looking in. I am tired of tracking down people who can't pick up a phone and make a hotel reservation. IF you waited to the last minute to book your rooms I suggest you take this option.

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Re: VIR A raceway where you can have a sleep over

Unread post by SANDU002 » Sat Sep 10, 2016 11:19 am

The helmet requirement is Snell SA 2010 or newer.
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