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Denali Bus ride

Posted: Tue Feb 16, 2016 6:42 pm
by RacerTCI
Denali Shuttle buses travel into the 120 mile dirt road every 15 minutes. There is no tour guide however we can go as far as we want and we can get out at several stops and take a different bus back whenever you have had enough.

Shuttle bus trips start at 53 miles for a 6.5 hours round trip $26.50 plus a $5.00 ticket fee

go to 92 Miles One Way - 13 hours Round Trip $51.00 plus $5.00 ticket fee.

I'm going to kind of split the difference and go with a 11 hour round trip @ 46.75 + 5 because i want to see Wonder Lake ... -lake.aspx

The first two can be found here ... oklat.aspx

For those that like a guided tour you can get those here. ... rness.aspx From $76.50 to $140.00