Your first and ONLY advanced checkpoint ever

The Five Day 2014 Rally North America Event!
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Your first and ONLY advanced checkpoint ever

Unread post by RacerTCI » Wed Apr 30, 2014 10:28 am

(Tony) As many of you know Rally North America releases route information to media outlets long before the start of a rally. We do this in order to get exposure for our charity and for you our teams that raise $ for the charity all year long. This is how multiple media sources happen to be at the places we visit. Typically we see 100 or more stories from one event.

Since all our releases have bold, highlighted, & underlined instructions regarding when to release this information we have had only one media source publicly release information regarding a checkpoint prior to the rally taking place. When that happened in the past we changed the route. This time however the town and it's media have really gotten behind us so in the name of fairness we are retaining this checkpoint and releasing the information to you our teams.

This isn't going to hurt your experience all that much. There are 6 other checkpoints that day, this will be a stop where you will receive additional checkpoints so you would have had ample time to figure it out, and since it is now public we expect to see the folks in Emporia, Kansas out in force to welcome our teams as they roll into town. We will have advanced Radio interviews running on KVOE with yours truly (they didn't blow it) and additional media coverage.

So here it is All Veterans Memorial in Emporia, Kansas.

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Re: Your first and ONLY advanced checkpoint ever

Unread post by jonnyb » Wed Apr 30, 2014 4:02 pm

Sweeeeeet!!! Less work for our team and more time for drinkin later.

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Re: Your first and ONLY advanced checkpoint ever

Unread post by SANDU002 » Thu May 01, 2014 8:22 am

could I have the coordinates please
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