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Unread post by RacerTCI » Fri Sep 07, 2012 12:29 pm

The following rules apply during the entire rally.


The organizers of Rally North America act as volunteers and are not paid employees.

You are not purchasing an entry, we are allowing your team to participate in our event and you are covering the costs of associated with having your team be part of the event. If we have issues with your team's behavior we will ask you to leave and will not allow your team to participate in any manner in any Rally North America event in the future.

If your team feels that they may have issues with any of the rules below please DO NOT apply to be part of this event.


Not to exceed times will exist for each and every leg.

If you team arrives earlier then the time we have listed for the day then you will not be eligible for any awards for any day of the Rally.

Times are based on posted speed limits and will allow for a few minutes at each checkpoint. Please remember this is not a race but a rally. We will not share the times we have set.

Additionally any tickets from a Law Enforcement Officer or video evidence or video evidence of a team excessively speeding or driving in a reckless manner will get you DISQUALIFIED from any awards for the entire event.

A second issue with your team could result in elimination from the entire event.

We expect EVERYONE to be on their best behavior and represent our group and our charity in the best possible manner and to respect the drivers that they are sharing the open roads with.
Arrival times will not be posted for teams arriving more than 1 hour after the first team arrives.

Sure you got lost or had fun checking out additional self made check points which is great and we will cheer your efforts if we are still at the finish when you finally arrive but, we do have planned activities for each and every evening. Even if you are a couple hours out you should be able to attend most of these events but we have prep work to do so catch up to us when you can but don't expect us to calculate your time . If you are planning to take in the sites and really want to know your time jot it down yourself.

Both the starting lines and finish lines will be manned. Your start time will be taken at the time of your departure and arrival.

None of our Checkpoints will be manned. You will be required to snap a date stamped picture of BOTH the driver and navigator for your team at each checkpoint. This is done in order to prove that you were indeed at the check point. If you miss a check point or you don’t follow the instructions on the clue you are disqualified from any awards for that day.

We may employ a GPS tracking device or require you to download a tracking application on your phone so we can monitor your speed. If this is an issue PLEASE DO NOT apply to be part of this event.

ANY JUDGEMENTS of the organizers are final and not to be argued. We will hear all sides prior to making a decision.

There will be daily awards for each leg. 1st, 2nd, & 3rd

Additional OVERALL Rally awards this include:

Spirit of the Rally Award
Best Costume Award
Hard Luck Award (the car Must be at the Finish line)
Long Distance Award (based on your total trip behind the wheel of your car including to and from the starting line)
Best Dressed (Decaled) car
Media Magnet Most #RallyNorthAmerica pictures posted on Facebook,& Twitter During the Rally

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