2011 Rally Appalachia Video

Previewing the Epic 2011 East Coast Rally
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2011 Rally Appalachia Video

Unread post by RacerTCI » Wed Nov 09, 2011 12:26 am

(Tony) So now that I am back from the Bahamas (Yes it was nice) I can address the ROUGH CUT version of the 2011 rally video that was posted on my personal facebook page 2 hours prior to my departure.

There will be a second video with some editing both adding and subtracting video prior to any copies being burned, mailed, or given to sponsors. We need to add credits, Sponsor logos, the Charity and plenty of other footage & stills from the event.

This was to be a starting point and never was intended to be the final cut but to many people viewed it with in minutes of TJ posting it and I was literally out of touch with in an hour of it's release and had to be concerned with getting my family "On a Boat!" so this had to wait till now.

If you want the version "as is" I suggest u download it now before it goes away as it will be going away.

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Re: 2011 Rally Appalachia Video

Unread post by JonD91 » Wed Nov 09, 2011 1:57 pm

thanks for that info, I didnt realize that before. could explain the non-HD =D

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